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Servainnean Legionnaire by Aanker Servainnean Legionnaire by Aanker
My mostly digital itinerary here on DeviantArt conceals the fact that I spend most of my drawing time making considerably more traditional pieces such as this one. Good old drawing with pencils is probably the best way to practice and is (in my opinion) the most efficient way of making good greyscale creations.

Servaínne is an ancient province of the modern-day Republic. It once held the role as the principal seat of power during the years of the Empire of Hzaar. Hzaar, a Servaínnean aristocrat and politician, united his religiously and ethnically split homeland and turned it into a military powerhouse. Gradually, he succeeded in destroying the old and crumbling Xivanian Empire, putting a new order in place that would unite mankind under a single banner for more than a thousand years.

The instrument of military power during the early years of this empire was the Servaínnean legions. Unchallenged in training, equipment and vast numbers, no force could hold its ground against its advancing machinery of spears, shields and swords. Ironically, the source of this strength were undoubtedly the multiple civil wars of Servaínne prior to the formation of Hzaar's empire. When inner conflicts wore off in favour of stability and technological spread under the reign of the Emperor of Men, the Servaínnean infantry lost its role as the foremost military formation in the provinces and was gradually replaced in law and practice by the Imperial Army.
Maximus94x Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just have to say that I love your pieces and the fleshed out story about your factions is truly inspirational! Keep it up Aanker!
Aanker Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much Maximus! :) I will. :P
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